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Year-end vacation is here

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So, the much-awaited year end vacation is finally here. To welcome it, I’ve been indulging in sleep and television. I should probably stop doing these two time-wasting activity soon, though. It’s just been a few days that I indulge in them and I’m already feeling pretty brain-dead. Therefore, I’ve decided to get myself a good book within this week. Hmmm… Should I make a trip to the library perhaps? It’s been ages since I last went to the public library.

Speaking of libraries, I should probably make my way to campus by the end of this week to return my overdue books as well. I’ve been holding on to them as I was still working on my term paper and thus needed them as reference.

Speaking of my paper… *sigh* I submitted my last assignment for this term after the deadline. It was unintentional on my part. I was writing it a few days before the deadline arrived and got stuck mid-way. Hence, I had to start on a new topic which meant I needed time to think of a topic I could work on as well as time to research and read up on the findings I’ve uncovered. In the end, I submitted my paper after the deadline. I’m very worried that I’ll fail this module should the professor not accept my paper.

Please Allah, please help me pass this module and get the GPA I had aimed for this semester, amin.

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