Rays of Splendour

When my time in the world is up…

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After I was done with my morning prayers today, I did nothing but sat silently on my prayer mat. Today is perhaps one of those rare mornings when I have the day to myself after doing my morning prayers. Normally, I would be rushing to get dressed for work or some other things.

As I sat on my prayer mat, I thought about what I want to ask of God. What is it that I hope He’ll grant for me in life? I find that there are lots of things I hope that He will grant. But then, I didn’t want to ask Him for material things this morning. After another moment of silent thought, I made the following prayer:

“Dear Allah, thank you for allowing me to embrace Life and to learn to appreciate it. However should the time come for You to take away my life, please make it that I leave this world with a heart full of redha’ “

It didn’t register to me that I had made that prayer till now. Or rather, the full enormity of that prayer which just popped out of nowhere didn’t strike me till now. However when it did, I realize that I do sincerely hope from the bottom of my heart that He will grant me this prayer of mine. As much as I embrace and love Life, I do want to have a heart filled with sincerity and willingness when I realize that my time here is up and that I will be leaving it to meet my creator. InsyaAllah, amin.

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