Rays of Splendour

Ramadan 1433

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The August sky just before fajr this Ramadan took my breath away. The glittery stars coupled with two planets – the last I checked online, it said that they were Mars and Venus though I’m not too sure of the reliability of this information – greeted me nightly as I stood at the balcony of my apartment to take my ablution. After almost two weeks of seeing those stars, I felt compelled to read Surah An-Najm which brought me to another level of awareness about something I was previously incognizant of.  Upon retrospection, I realized that there are also many verses from the Quran which I’d read this Ramadan that had offered me food for thought and brought new levels of awareness and perception towards the world, alhamdulillah.

I’m definitely going to miss the baraqah that Allah blesses all mankind during Ramadan. Beyond the obligatory act of fasting, the beauty and sense of peace I derive from simple pleasures like reading the Quran, performing my prayers and many more makes me feel utterly grateful to Allah for allowing me to live just that bit more to experience Ramadan and perform some ibadah during this month.

I cannot begin to imagine what the future will bring for me within the next one year. Regardless, I really pray that Allah grants me an opportunity to experience yet more months of Ramadan in the years to come, insyaAllah amin.

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