Rays of Splendour

Lantau Island, Hong Kong

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I’m amazed by the excellent views in Lantau Island. The undulating hills, rivers that cut through the slopes, the sea flanking the island, etc. This is my first visit there (let’s not take the visit to the Chek Lap Kok Airport which is located on Lantau Island into account) and it didn’t disappoint!

Lantau Island covers a huge area. The Hong Kong Disneyland, Citygate Outlets and Ngong Ping 360 amongst others are one of the popular tourist destinations in this part of Hong Kong. Additionally if the Hong Kong dramas which I’ve watched had portrayed the area accurately, there are also fishing villages and towns which form getaway destinations for locals whenever they want to have a reprieve from city life.

My intention when I went to Lantau Island was only one: to ride the crystal cable car to Ngong Ping and back. Thankfully, it wasn’t as scary as some of the Running Man casts made it out to be when they filmed an episode in Hong Kong! Although the winds were strong and caused the cable car to sway as it moved down the line, I still felt that the ride was a generally safe one.

IMAG0045Above: The forest canopy beneath my feet.

The Geographer in me couldn’t keep my excitement down when I see scenes like the following:

IMAG0064Above: A young river cutting deeply into the land

IMAG0096Above: Fine sediments deposited and building up at the point where the river enters a larger water body


Above: Presence of an overhanging cloud cover atop the highlands – signs of evaporated water from the sea being pushed up the adjacent slopes and eventually forming relief rain?

The cable car ride spans a distance of 5.7km and will take us to Ngong Ping. There’s really nothing much to do here unless you’re a Buddhist. Regardless, I did enjoy the short walk I had through the street (not very long; a few metres only) and thereafter a meal of fish and chips there.


Above: Ngong Ping


Above: The gates leading to the ‘Po Lin Monastery’ and the ‘Wisdom Path’

IMAG0079 Above: Hong Kong has increasingly more halal certified outlets endorsed by its Islamic Council like the above

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