Rays of Splendour

Lost a part of my past

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It is not that I haven’t been updating this blog for more than a year. I have. It is just that when my webhosting account expired back in July, it had somehow also obliterated all traces of the entries which I had made from July 2013 – July 2014. It is only yesterday that I finally managed to get this blog up yet again with the help of the friendly and helpful staff at WordPress. However, I still am not able to restore nor have any access to the blog entries in the past one year.

It definitely was heart wrenching for me to realize that all the entries which I had written for the past one year, especially the private ones, are gone and cannot be recovered. It seemed like there is suddenly this huge black hole in my life between that time period when in fact, many things had happened during that time.

Nevertheless, I’ve since tried to detach myself from that. Afterall, I am just a speck in the sea of human and that one year of lost documentation of my life is practically meaningless when you compare it with the long history of Man’s existence on Earth.

Here’s to more entries to come, insyaAllah.

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