Rays of Splendour

The darker it is, the brighter they shine

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“Only in the darkness can you see the stars”

I saw a notebook today with the aforementioned quote printed on its cover.

That reminded me of how pleasantly surprised I was a few days ago to see my room illuminated with stars as soon as I switched off the lights. Prior to that, I was feeling apprehensive at the thought of switching off the lights. I have never been a fan of darkness. It took me a long while (in fact, since evening started) before I managed to psyche myself up to switch off the lights.

When I eventually did it, it was to test waters. I had every intention to flip the switch back to ‘on’ within two seconds. But oh my, the pleasant surprise that greeted me as soon as I summoned the courage to switch off the lights.

There’s truth is that saying isn’t it? That is, only in the darkness can one see the stars.

This parallels life. Sometimes, we may feel like we’re in the throes of darkness but if we were to find the courage to look up to witness the beauty beyond the black canvas… Then that’s when you will notice the brightest stars shining in all its luminous glory. But most times we fail to see the beauty within the darkness.

So what’s the point of this entry? Nothing much other than to pen down that thought which crossed my mind earlier today as well as to blog an entry on the 1st of March, just for the record.

Yes, it’s March. One of my favourite months of the year not only because it’s my birthday month but also because this is the time when spring makes its first ascend in many parts of the world; a time when I feel that one gets to capture nature at one of its most resplendent moments.

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