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Lost in translation


During a conversation with a Korean lady yesterday…

Me: So, is there a good place in Seoul where I can go to in order to photocopy things?

(When I asked this, I was thinking of a possible place in Seoul like those photocopying shops in Queensway Shopping Centre where I can go in order to do document printing in bulk and at a cheap price)

Her: Place? *puzzled look*

Me: Yah you know, place. Location. Photocopy shop. *makes hand gestures to mimic how it looks to photocopy a document* Copy? *continues making hand gestures* Copy things! Is there a place in Seoul where I can go to photocopy a document?

Her: Oh! Copy!

Me: Yes, copy! *gives happy look that she understood* Is there a place I can copy things for cheap?

Her: Copy… Ok. Starbucks not cheap. Holly’s Coffee also not cheap. Go to Ediya. Ediya cheap.

At this point in time, my brain was working overtime trying to figure out what Starbucks had to do with photocopying until…

Me: *weak voice* Oh yah. Ediya good. Coffee good.

I totally forgot that the Koreans pronounced ‘coffee’ as ‘kopi’. Well at least now I know that I can go to Ediya in order to get cheap coffee! Though, there is that small fact about how I’m not a coffee drinker…

3 thoughts on “Lost in translation

  1. LOL! Yes, the fact that the “F” sound does not exist in Korean and is replaced by the “P” sound is really bewildering at times! I always end up pronouncing “F” though! Hehe!

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