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Things that keep me grounded

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Things that keep me grounded these days and especially when I miss home more than normal:

1) During those moments when I close my eyes right before going to sleep, I know that I’ll be one day closer to seeing my family and friends the next morning when I open them again, insyaAllah. It’s all in the mindset. God willing, everyday that I’m away from them signifies a day closer to seeing them.

2) To wake up at a time when most of the world is sleeping. I find tranquility in getting up to a morning where everything is quiet and it’s cool outside.

3) The opportunity to read the Quran yet again after I’m done with my prayers.

4) That my parents are keeping me in their prayers hoping for nothing but goodness for me just like I do for them.

5) That I have a small group of people whom I know will be there to offer me much needed mental and emotional support during those days when I have lesser faith in myself.

6) Times when I get to connect with people back home.

7) Trying to establish new routines and relationships that make every moment in Seoul worth living for, and being here for.

8) Going to school. Yes, that’s what I realized after going for a few lessons. I really look forward to my Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays as those are days when I get to go to school and learn. I feel very humbled by the vast knowledge and experience of the professors. Never once have I left any lesson not walking away with new knowledge about the world and a new way of perceiving the world. Humbled. Truly humbled. There is just so, so, so much that I do not know!

9) Faith that I’m in good hands and at a point in life that He has chosen for me, as well as written for me, alhamdulillah. I’d like to end number 9 and this list with a quote from The Book of Illumination by Ibn ‘Ata’Allah.

“Acknowledging how wholesome is God’s choice empowers us to bear divine decrees’ force.”

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