Rays of Splendour

Wk 3/104

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A short update of week 3 while I take a break from working on my literature review assignments.

1) Went for my first massage experience in Seoul

Towards the end of last week, I had somehow hurt my lower back. I do not know how it happened but I woke up one morning literally being unable to bend, walk without wincing in pain or even do simple tasks like wear my pants or carry things without feeling a jolt of pain running down my back. I wasn’t even able to lie down to rest my back for the pressure causes it to ache even more.

So in the end, I went to desperately Google for a possible place to get a massage where (a) The place do not look too dubious and sleazy, and (b) The people working there are able to converse in English.

I found one – Create Wellness Centre – which is located in Itaewon that suits both my requirements.


I finally got my massage and that had considerably eased the pain in my lower back although at the point of blogging this, I still feel tightness in that area and my back still ache whenever I bend. Nevertheless, the good thing is that I’m at least able to bend and perform simple tasks without screaming in pain.

Anyway, it was an interesting experience going to the centre. This is the first time ever that I went to a massage place where the room has a window that sees to the rest of the shop, with only a translucent curtain as an attempt to reduce the visibility into the therapy room. Believe me when I say that anyone walking or waiting for their turn outside could see into the therapy room just as well as I could see anyone walking or standing outside it. The only saving grace for me on that day was that I made an appointment as soon as the shop opened and hence there was hardly anyone to see me in all manner of undress! Phew!

2) Beautiful campus grounds

I needed to get my student card from one of the offices in school. While making my way there, I stumbled upon a small park overlooking the stadium and situated on top of the ridge. I found the space pretty peaceful and the surroundings which enabled me to look across to the mountains ahead to be pretty fascinating. Too pretty. Would love to go there again if time permits!


3) Exploring the park outside the apartment

My housemate and I went to explore the nearby park just outside our apartment. We were surprised to see the park equipped with concrete running tracks and exercise machines. When we walked further inside, we also found a small trekking path that leads into the forests and mountains ahead. Definitely an area that I want to explore if I can convince my housemates (both of them do not seem keen on it) to trek through it with me on one of the mornings! This reminds me of how much I miss the walks through the nature reserves which I sometimes do with either my parents or the bffs.


4) Dinners in my apartment with the housemate

One of the ways I spend weekend evenings would be by having one of my housemates come to my place for dinner. She lives one floor down which makes it easy for her to come to my place. Sometimes, our dinners consist of proper food like a complete meal of rice and side dishes that I cooked and sometimes like this weekend, our meals can be as simple as soup, pizza, bread with minced chicken or just snacks.


She intends to move out soon to a location nearer to her workplace. So till then, I guess I’ll enjoy and appreciate every single moment that I have with her as my neighbour. 🙂

Allright, going to get back to my literature review!

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