Rays of Splendour

Wk 5/104

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A short entry for the week because the bulk of the time had been spent on school. School’s definitely a highlight – time spent exploring its super huge central library located on top of a hill, learning new things, uncovering even more new places in school – but for now, the other highlights.

Cherry blossoms have bloomed!

I guess the biggest – and one that trumped everything else – highlight for this week would be the chance to view the cherry blossoms. This is the first time ever in my life that I got to see this sight. I’ve always thought that I would never be able to witness the cherry blossoms with my own eyes due to work. The nature of my work is such that there is no annual leave so to even think of flying to one of the temperate countries in the northern hemisphere during spring is something I have never considered. All these years, I’ve contented myself with looking at photos of cherry blossoms being posted on social media.

Then, by the grace of Allah, I’m allowed to witness the cherry blossoms for myself yesterday! MasyaAllah. It was just so, so, so beautiful!

My housemate and I went to Seokchon Lake (석촌호수) located in Jamsil (잠실) to view the cherry blossoms. Unlike the cherry blossom viewing spot in Yeongdeungpo Yeouido (영등포유의도) which is a popular destination among tourists during spring, the one at Seokchon Lake is more frequented by locals. Also, the cherry blossoms could be found dotting the entire circumference of the lake which makes for a more leisurely and comfortable viewing as compared to the one in Yeouido which is found by the roadside.

I took lots of photos and spent almost two hours walking around the lake and enjoying the view of the cherry blossoms but I must say, the photos do not capture aptly the beauty of the scenery that I saw when I was there.





*Sigh* Truly pretty. Truly grateful to Allah for granting me the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms.

There’s just one more view of the cherry blossoms that I hope to be able to witness at least once in my life – that would be the one in Japan!

Life is too short to be burning bridges

So another highlight for me this week would be the reminder that our life is too short for us to spend it on burning bridges. It is so short (and unpredictable). I mean, how do you know that today isn’t your last day?

I’m aware that there will be some relationships in our lives where the best path would be for both of us to walk away from each other. But here, I’m not focusing on that aspect. Rather, the reminder I was sent this week pertains to treasuring the existing relationships you have with people.

I was thinking how sometimes in our day-to-day existence, the instinctive response would be to either blow up in anger or cut the person off from your life whenever we encounter a set back with the said person. This set back can be huge or it can be as small as having a miscommunication with people. By engaging in an argument or cutting the person out of your life, we are either invoking to our need for self-preservation – that is, to protect ourselves from further hurt – and/or to appeal to our egotistical inclination to never lose out in the relationship.

Then again if everyone in the world were to respond in this destructive manner in their relationships with people, then human history would have witnessed a past replete with anger, despondency and brokenness.

But if we were to step away from the situation and view it from a more detached perspective, then you will realize that sometimes the best response would be to think only the most positive of the situation and the person and his/her actions and lastly, to simply to let go. Sometimes, it is pointless really to expand so much of our energy in responding to a situation negatively or to attach so much negativity to a person’s actions. It just sucks the life out of us and does not serve the way we connect and relate to the people in our lives.

Thus, this is a huge reminder for myself first before others to always perceive the good in a person or situation foremost, and regardless of whether the bad might materialise later.

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