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So, I have a presentation to prepare by this Monday. However, I’m having such a challenging time psyching myself to complete reading 800+ pages of biography which the presentation is based on. The biography which is about the prolific leader Mao Zedong, has been an interesting read thus far but I just find it difficult to sit down for long and read it.


The book I have to read by tonight!

I told myself to dedicate the whole of my Saturday to read the biography but since I woke up at 5am this morning, I have been doing things that do not contribute in any way to the closer completion of the book.

List of things I have been doing since morning till now:

  1. 6.00am: Decided after my morning prayers that I needed a proper meal to start the day so I cooked some rice for myself.
  2. 6.30am: Ate a full meal of rice and two side dishes.
  3. 6.45am: Convinced myself that since I just had a heavy breakfast, I needed time to let the food digest itself.
  4. 6.45am – 8.30am: Looked at clothes on FashionValet and read some news articles online.
  5. 8.30am – 10.00am: Told myself that the day was still early so I should take a nap even though I’m not even tired.
  6. 10.00am: Woke up and sat in front of the laptop, determined to start working on my presentation.
  7. 10.05 – 10.15am: Noticed that my laptop looked dirty. The idea of wiping and cleaning it seems most appealing. I swear I even thought to myself that if I did not clean the laptop immediately, I might end up spreading germs to myself.
  8. 10.15am – 1.30pm: I was positive I needed some form of motivation to get through the day of reading the thick biography so I ended up watching like 5 episodes of drama, back-to-back.
  9. 1.30 – 1.35pm: Finally touched the biography. Moved the book from my table to the bed as I had all intention to read on the bed.
  10. 1.35 – 1.40pm: Decided that my bed was untidy so I spent the next 3 – 5 minutes making the bed.
  11. 1.40 – 1.55pm: Resolved that since I’ve already started to tidy up the room, I might as well bring down the laundry which I had hung the previous night for it would have probably dried. Spent the next 10 – 15 minutes bringing down the laundry, putting away the hangers used, folded the clothes and placed them in the cupboard.
  12. 1.55 – 3.15pm: Honestly, this period was a blank for me! What did  do to procrastinate? I know for sure that I did not read and spent a few minutes putting in a new batch of clothes into the washing machine.
  13. 3.15 – 3.45pm: Had the idea to wash the bathroom before showering. So off I went to happily scrub the bathroom floors and sink!
  14. 3.45 – 4.30pm: Told myself to be serious cos it’s time to complete my afternoon prayers.
  15. 4.30pm: I was combing my hair and noticed that the skin on my face looked dry. Now hey… Where is that face mask I bought? It’s absolutely so important that I use the mask NOW. No such thing as reading biographies in my agenda. Nope! *denial mode going strong*
  16. 4.35pm: Hmmm…. I can’t possibly read with the mask on my face. Now what should I do next?? Time to hang the new batch of laundry for drying!
  17. 4.45 – 4.50 pm: Noticed some empty containers I haven’t washed although I’ve eaten all the snacks inside. Ahah, I should wash them now!
  18. 4.50pm: Hungry after doing the laundry and washing the containers. Need food. Searched the fridge on possible food to prepare for myself.
  19. 5.00 – 6.30pm: Made dinner for myself and sloooooooowly ate my dinner.
  20. 6.30pm: Too full (same story like during breakfast time. Arghhh!). So I ended up blogging.

Honestly, why do I do these kinda things to myself??

I’m just sabotaging my own presentation for this Monday!


Now where did I put that book since the last time I touched it??

*starts looking for the biography*

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