Rays of Splendour


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“There’s a light that you give me when I’m in shadow, there’s a feeling within me, an everglow.”

I am sitting here in my room and trying to do my portion of a group task while listening to Coldplay’s Everglow. As the song progressed, my ears caught hold of some of the lyrics and I eventually halted my work as my senses finally comprehended the words that I just listened.

The song speaks of someone who lost a person he loves who has been a light in his life. He describes this person as someone who gives him an “everglow”.

Everglow. I feel this is a beautiful way of describing someone’s effect in your life.

As I relate it back to how I’m currently miles away from my loved ones and support system, I found myself being more acutely aware of the strength and effect that these people whom Allah has placed in my life have on me.

Alhamdulillah, I am grateful for the current acquaintances I made as well as the knowledge and new experiences gleaned while I’m in Seoul. Those knowledge and experiences had somehow fed some of the innate desire I had to see and learn more of Allah’s vast world. Additionally in their own little ways, the acquaintances I made along the way have also filled a small part of that huge void left by the people back home.

And yet during those moments when I received texts and calls from the people back home, my heart would leap with immense joy. That contact would ignite some warmth, happiness and positive energy in me that would last for the next few days to come. Like Coldplay describes it, they gave me an everglow.

I feel that this is one of the mercies of Allah –  out of the billions of people He has created on Earth, He blesses us by specifically choosing and placing individuals who inspire our soul and causes it to shine like none other can. Sometimes, that spark to our soul can be encapsulated in just one person. Sometimes, He places more than one person in our life for our soul to connect with.

Regardless, there will be at least that one soul whose presence and connection you share that would move, excite, rejuvenate and whose interaction with your inner self would be at a deeper and more compatible level than others. I also found that it is through this special connection that I derived some form of energy to embrace life with even more gratitude and also positivism to be the best that I can be. It is like through them, Allah is sending me a spiritual and psychological boost to enable me to work on being a better version of myself than I was previously.

The question is, do you recognize the existence of this everglow in your life?

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