Rays of Splendour

Wks 8 – 10/104

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For the past three weeks, I’ve been telling myself to blog an entry as part of the Seoul Weekly Highlights but I never got around to it. A huge part of the reason for the lack of updates was because I had been feeling largely uninspired to pen down anything. Even my Instagram account has similarly been suffering the same fate – no updates for the past three weeks cos its user is uninspired!

Nevertheless, I still strongly believe in the virtue of journalling the unfolding moments in our lives. So, here’s my attempt to fight off the inertia from the lack of inspiration in order to squeeze out an update of the time in Seoul. Hopefully one day when I’m older and read back all those entries I wrote during my time here, it’d bring back fond memories.

1) Still missing my dad

I still miss my dad very, very, very much. He is the person at the top of the list that I truly miss and look forward to seeing again when I’m back in Singapore this June, insyaAllah. While I sometimes talk about the food, places or activities that I miss during my time away from Singapore, the truth is that all these things does not even come close to the level that I miss some of the people back home… And my dad ranks right up there at the top of the list of people I truly and deeply miss.


When I think of him, my heart constricts. Lately, I found myself getting flashbacks of times when I sat beside him in the car as he drove me to places. Just the two of us. Perhaps I’m missing him too much and hence why I’m getting flashbacks like the aforementioned from time to time.

2) Bank account and foreigner ID

Finally, I now have a bank account and a foreigner ID! Frankly, I’m more joyful and relieved over the fact that I now have a Korean bank account. Since receiving my debit card and internet banking account, I have been using it to pay for most of my purchases.


One of my Korean friends was surprised that I went with Nonghyup when opening a bank account. According to her, not many people used this bank these days and the ones that do are the old people and farmers. Now… Of course I did not know that when I chose to go with this bank!

In fact, the only reason why I eventually chose to open an account with this bank was because there is a Nonghyup Bank right on campus which is barely three minutes walk away from my faculty. There is even a Nonghyup Bank ATM inside the building of my faculty.

Anyway, one good thing out of opening an account with Nonghyup is that they have an English version of the internet banking app. I did not even know they had banking services in English when I first signed on with them and had initially mentally-readied myself to painfully Google Translate everything should I need to use its internet banking service. Thank God I don’t have to do that! Its English Language banking services have been a tremendous advantage for me and helped me a lot when it came to transferring funds to pay for my monthly rent and utility bills.

3) Semi-vegetarian for now

It’s been almost three weeks since I last had any meat intake. One of the reasons for this was because I do not feel like travelling all the way to Itaewon just to purchase some halal chicken or beef/mutton. Since I do not want to get myself any halal meat, the alternative would be that I have to go without it.

I never knew I could ever survive a day without meat but hey three weeks on, I have done just that!

The paranoid and imaginative part of my brain wondered whether there would be side-effects if I were to consume meat again once I get back to Singapore. I don’t know why but I had imagined scenes of myself having a physical reaction that caused my body to convulse and chicken feathers to pop up on my skin the moment I placed like 2.5cm of chicken rendang into my mouth….

Okay, that’s all for now.

Hoping to update again soon!

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