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Need to unwind

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Lately, I’ve been feeling pretty exhausted inside. This exhaustion is not merely physical but more than that. It’s making me have thoughts that are less positive than usual and have led to the headaches I’ve been experiencing in the past few days.

Yesterday night, I tried to rationalise why I’m feeling this way. After thinking hard about it, I realized that it’s because I haven’t had a proper break since the beginning of the year before I flew off to Seoul for my studies.

Before flying off, I had been busy preparing to make the move to Seoul. When I was finally in Seoul, I found myself busy trying to settle down into the new apartment, school and basically, trying to familiarize myself with the entirely new surroundings.

In between, I was grappling with living many miles apart from my family and friends as well as the demands of school which took some emotional toil on me.

When the summer semester was finally wrapping up, I was then busy with the fasting month, completing the final assignments and studying for exams and trying to get ready to move out of the apartment.

As soon as I was back in Singapore, my days were packed with Ramadan and Eid activities, work, catching up with the family and friends and lately, trying to make preparations before flying back to Seoul.

Know what I truly want to do right now?

I just want to go for a short getaway to a beach resort somewhere for a few days and unwind. Some place quiet yet beautiful. One which allows me to just walk from one end of the beach to another and get to enjoy the cooling sea breeze as I do that. One where, just for those few hours or days, I can forget about all the things I’ve to do or those things that have been making me worried and focus on rejuvenating myself.


Reality-check: When can I ever get to do that?

Seriously, I’m so, so, sooooooo tired. Physically, mentally and emotionally.

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