Rays of Splendour

The family finally left; and thus begins life in Seoul (again)

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Last Saturday when I flew to Seoul, I found it to be an enjoyable experience for me. This is because I came here accompanied by people so dear to me – the parents and the youngest brother. Having them around in the past few days, I had sort of forgotten the fact that they would be headed back to Singapore again before the week is up.

So today was the day when I bade them farewell. They had a morning flight to catch and was out of the hotel by 5.30am.

When I finally got back to the hotel room after seeing them off, I couldn’t help noticing the glaring silence that greeted me. The absence of their warm presence was so acutely felt. It’s amazing how these three people out of the billions of human beings out there could create such a brilliant sunshine in my life.

I did not want to dwell on the fact that I’m now living alone in Seoul because I’m fully aware how that will just steadily lead me down the path of sadness. So I went about filling the rest of my day with packing my belongings into my luggage bag, checking out and then into the hotel again, went to Itaewon for an interview, bought a takeaway from one of the halal shops there, went to the bank to pay my school fees (but I realized that the deadline for payment is now over so I’m unable to pay!), went back to the hotel room to hurriedly drop an email to the school to ask how else I could make my payment for tuition fees, finally ate my takeaway, squeezed in a 30 minutes nap, prayers, and then started re-packing my luggage so that I could squeeze in all my stuff.

I’m finally settled, waiting for bedtime (I’m very wide awake though so I wonder what time I will eventually be sleepy enough to sleep!) and blogging.

Presently, I’m trying to blog more often due to a request from someone so that he knows how I’ve been. I don’t usually blog so often but this time, I’m more than happy (I derive such joy to be able to do things for him and I don’t know whyyyy!) to accede to the request and am going to try.

Before I end, just one anecdote to share which I found pretty interesting. So I mentioned earlier that I had gone to the bank to settle my tuition fees right? My bank (Nonghyup Bank) has its roots with the farmers in the country. As I made my way to one of the branches just now, I saw a small pop up stall selling fishes and other agricultural products being set up outside the bank.

I did not give it a second thought when I saw that. I mean, stalls outside a bank which has an affiliation with the farmers being set up along the streets? I think to a certain extent, I was not surprised to see that.

However imagine my surprise at seeing people packing fresh fish into plastic bags as soon as I entered the bank! You have the bank tellers processing customers’ banking requests at the counters on one side of the room and just 5 steps away in the same space, people were happily packing fresh fish and putting ice cubes into those styrofoam boxes.

Times like this, I need to let my inner Malay (oh, not inner. I am a Malay!) come out in response to that scene. So here goes: Eh, sila ehhhhhhh!

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