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Moving day & first day of school

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I woke up this morning feeling pretty much excited at the prospect of finally being able to move in to my new place in Seoul. The thought that I will have a place which is a home away from home, one where I can feel safe and head to once I’m done with all that I needed to do for the day… Yes, that made me look forward to today very, very much.

However before I could officially move into my house, I had to do something else which was even more exciting: attend the first lesson for the fall semester!

I know that I border on sounding very nerdy or geeky but truly, I was excited at being able to go to school again. As the campus shuttle bus that I boarded at the subway station inched closer to school and I saw the outlines of the mountains that surrounded it, I felt tingles of excitement running down my spine. The thought of sitting in the classroom, absorbing the years of knowledge accumulated by the professors and then learning more about the world simply engages all my senses. The more I learn, the more I realized I do not know and that drives me to seek even more knowledge than before.

Despite being excited for school, I was also late for it. Hahah. When I was eventually in class, I was greeted with a surprise: two of my classmates for the Friday module are Singaporeans. Like finally, I’m seeing a fellow Singaporean on campus and in the same module as me!

So anyway, school ended by about 12.15pm and I proceeded to settle the next agenda: moving in. I have been busy wiping the surfaces (the apartment is already clean when I got it but I’m just an OCD like that. I need to still give the surfaces a wipe before I place my belongings on them) of the shelves and tabletops and unpacking all my stuff and arranging them neatly on the shelves or storing them into the drawers and wardrobe. Currently, my apartment is pretty much set up.

Some photos of my new place. It’s truly small but alhamdulillah, I find the place cosy to stay in and the location is great. It’s just a 3 minutes walk from the subway station, about 5 minutes walk to the campus shuttle bus stop, and there are lots of shops and even a traditional Korean market nearby. Other perks about the apartment: the utility bills (except for winter when we have to use the gas for the heating) are inclusive in the rent.

20160902_134306The living room and kitchen that greeted me whenever I enter the house. I love the generous shelf space provided in the apartment. Another plus point: the television! I don’t watch TV but this time, I have been keeping it switched on to provide some background noise.

20160902_134315The other part of the living space. Pretty cool that the owner provided a lot of amenities like the microwave over, iron, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner and even pots, cups, knives, etc.

20160902_134346Overview of the living area from the loft bed.

20160902_134325 See that space up there above the kitchen cabinets? That’s where the mattress for sleeping is placed. The mattress is the size of a king-sized bed so it’s truly perfect for times when my brother or the bffs come to Seoul and opt to bunk in with me during the duration of their stay here.

I still have more stuff coming in from my friend’s place tomorrow though. 7 boxes of stuff. How did I ever manage to accumulate all those things?!? I really hope I have enough space to store them all. Additionally, I’m also seriously considering the prospect of posting back home some of my things in those boxes.

I’m thinking of going simple and keeping things as minimal as possible by owning and using only what I need in this new apartment.

Let’s hope I can do that! Although at the time of blogging this, my eyes chanced upon the big shoe cabinet right in my field of vision and the thought that it’d be perfect for me to store some winter boots just fleeted through my mind…..

Oh gosh. I need to cancel that thought quickly.

So erm, that big empty shoe cabinet? It totally doesn’t need to be filled with winter boots. Like so, so, totally and absolutely not!

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