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Teachers Day :)

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The whole of this week, my mind has been so focused on being in Seoul, looking for a house, moving, settling down and many more that I had completely forgotten it was Teachers Day yesterday. I only remembered all about it when I received a text from D that says “You’ve not been forgotten” and accompanied by the following photos:



Needless to say, I was very surprised that I still received something for Teachers Day this year even though I have not been in school long enough to forge a proper bond with the students. Still, I am very thankful to these two students for remembering me and taking the effort to make me something by-hand to wish me a Happy Teachers Day. I really do look forward to being able to see the contents inside when I have the opportunity to do so.

Seeing these cards made me realize that this is the first time since 2007 (excluding 2010 when I left teaching momentarily) that I have not celebrated Teachers Day. It feels strangely… Odd.

Overall, I am allright that I do not get to celebrate this day for I firmly believe that it is not necessary to have a day dedicated to honour educators. However after celebrating the day for so many years, this day has sort of become a tradition ingrained in your system whether you like it or not such that I felt something was missing now that I do not partake in it.

Know what this means?

Well, it goes to show just how long I have spent working in the same occupation!

Sometimes (who am I kidding, it’s more often than not) I do wonder whether it is time to move on and explore another career path. I love my job as an educator but yeah, I do ask myself this too: Are there any other career paths that I’d like to be able to pursue if the opportunity presents itself?

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