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Not made to live alone

Sometimes, all it takes is just the smallest of encounters for one to receive an epiphany.

Today, my epiphany was derived from exactly just that: the most minute of encounters. It’s so minute and takes the form of… Pasting some heat plaster to ease the muscle strain on my back.

It was a pretty time consuming task for me. As I’m doing it for myself and obviously as my eyes were not able to see where my hands (which was placed at the back) were positioned, I kept pasting the plaster wrongly and peeling it off. I knew which part of the back I wanted the plaster to be pasted but I was unable to do it accurately! The plaster became crumpled and I had to slowly straighten it back into place before attempting to paste it back on the spot I wanted it to be.

During those moments I couldn’t help thinking that if I had been back home, I’d have gotten either my brother or mom to paste it on for me. The whole process would be done within 3 seconds. However because I had to do it alone, I took almost 5 minutes to paste just that one plaster and even then, I’m still not able to put it at the exact spot where the muscle strain is!

The thought that Man is not made to live alone fleeted through my mind. No doubt that it is possible for Man to live alone however in its essence, we were never designed to lead a life of solitude. From all the way back in history to the time of our forefathers Adam and Eve, to the development of societies through time and right to the present, all of us need one another.

I recalled the time yesterday when my friend came over to visit. I welcomed so much the presence of another person in the apartment as someone whom I can communicate face-to-face with and simply, have the warmth of a fellow human being to interact with.

So for those of us who have someone living under the same roof with us, do appreciate their presence even if that particular arrangement itself is the cause for lots of unhappiness. Appreciate the people in your life, I say.

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Sunday at home

Told myself that I want to spend the Sunday at home no matter what and I managed to do just that, alhamdulillah.

A reason why I intend to stay at home today was because I felt like I had enough of being outside for now. The past few weeks (and this is inclusive of the time I was in Singapore), I have been out on an almost everyday basis. I just felt like I needed time away from being outside, amidst all those people and have the time to just do my stuff within the confines of my personal space.

I managed to clear two rounds of laundry, made some simple meal of breakfast, lunch and dinner for myself, read up on things online (I miss reading a book by the way but I’ve none with me right now) and thought about things.

One of the things that came across my mind was what kinda thesis I should be writing about and I realized… I really have no idea. The thesis for graduation has to be done in the fourth semester. I’m currently in my second semester of school and lots of people say that I still have time. However knowing myself, I’m aware that I need to have an inkling of at least the area I want to write my thesis on. at present, I’m not even sure which region in East Asia to focus my studies on.

Next thing I thought about was how to use my time more wisely here. I just don’t want to waste all the God-given time I’ve been blessed with so yes, I do seek to invest my time into useful pursuits.

I thought about money too. I do not have enough to last me for the year so yeah, I’m also looking for ways to multiply whatever I currently have. That journey has taken me to various options. A friend came over to my apartment this evening and she too happened to be in a situation where she sought to increase the money she has. That got the two of us to engage in a long conversation with possible avenues to work together to multiply our reserves. I don’t know whether we will end up doing whatever we discussed but yeah, it was truly a great experience to bounce ideas off each other.

Allright, that’s all for now. Something has caught my attention on Youtube. Seriously, why does my friend have to introduce these carpool karaoke videos to me so late at night when I have school the next day?!??