Rays of Splendour

Chuseok’s coming.

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For a few days now, I’ve not been blogging. Although I had wanted to blog about a few things that happened this week which revolved mainly around school (it takes up like 75% of my attention for now with the remaining 25% being dedicated to engaging in routine everyday tasks, socializing and catching up with the people back in Singapore) but every time I switched on my laptop, I found myself reading articles online and after that’s done, I just don’t feel like doing anything else on my laptop.

But, the super strict blog police 👮 has noted the lack of updates so okay, here goes an entry for the records before I got questioned again! 😁😁😁

Anyway, I had initially made half-baked intentions (half-baked because it’s something I wasn’t sure I wanted to do) to spend my Sunday shopping at Gosuk. I figured that I needed to get myself some pants and a pillow for sleeping (the current one is too thick and makes my neck ache so I’ve been sleeping without a pillow. I need a more softer one). Thus I woke up early from my morning nap with the plan to quickly shower and leave the house by 11am.

But when I went down, I was distracted by the need to clean the house. I ended up spending the next hour or so folding my laundry, popped in a new batch of laundry into the washing machine and hung it to dry when it was done as well as to mop the floor. I had proceeded to shower and got ready thereafter but after my afternoon prayers, the thought of shopping amidst the huge crowd at Gosuk made me reconsider my plans.

The result: Changed out of my clothes into more comfortable stay-at-home kinda wear, popped in the white-coloured laundry into the washing machine (second batch for the day!) and here I am, blogging away.

Looks like this Sunday is going to be yet another stay-in one for me but hey, I’m kinda contented with that.

For now, I’m in the midst of reading up on places to go or things to do over the long Chuseok holiday that is going to take place this coming week. Chuseok is the Korean traditional thanksgiving celebrations and typically, most shops are closed as the Koreans would be back at their hometowns to spend time with their families.

I did seriously considered the prospect of flying back to Singapore but the tickets out of Korea during this long public holiday is so mad expensive that I changed my mind. I even considered the idea of flying to nearby Japan but an otherwise $300+ ticket now costs more than $800 just because it’s Chuseok!

So now, perhaps I’ll just be exploring Seoul or perhaps the areas outside it if I can still get tickets. Looking forward to the long Chuseok break!

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