Rays of Splendour

First Eid in Seoul

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For the first time in my life, I ushered in Eid Adha without the family by my side this year. Additionally, I’d welcomed it in a Muslim-minority location where the day obviously isn’t part of the national holiday unlike back in Singapore.

Yet I had told myself that I still needed to make the day significant for me, as Eid Adha should technically be. It is a day that is replete with His infinite blessings and marks one of the most important events in Islam which teaches us a lot about the notion of sacrifice and having trust in the Lord.

Alhamdulillah by His will, I was able to commemorate the day in a small way. Playing the takbir over my iPod as soon as maghrib came along, then having a quiet moment on the prayer mat reciting the takbir by myself after performing my maghrib prayers which made my eyes tear as I thought about His glory while doing it, waking up early the next morning to attend the Eid prayers at the Seoul Central Mosque and then treating myself to a meal post-Eid prayers and lastly, ending the day with dinner at the comforts of a friend’s house eating some local Malay food to mark the day of Eid.

Small little things but they mean a lot to me. Being engaged in all those activities made me too preoccupied to think about the fact that my family isn’t here with me.

And speaking of being away from the family. It just occurred to me as I’m blogging this that I have absolutely no idea when I will get to see them again. That’s the thing about buying a one-way plane ticket to Seoul. I’m leaving the return date to Singapore very open and thus I feel severely lacking in affirmation as to how long the countdown is going to take before I get to see all those people back home yet again.

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