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Thanking Him for the health

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I’ve been puzzled over how I’ve not been feeling my best physically over the past few weeks. I’ve always been one of those people who are up and about as soon as I wake up in the morning and only giving in to rest after I have ended the day.

However these few weeks, I just feel physically different inside. For someone who usually wakes up from sleep before fajr and have been doing so for years, I find that it’s a bit challenging for me to wake up so early these days. It’s like the sleep – which coincidentally would be filled with lots of dreaming and this again is unlike my usual sleep where I hardly ever dream – did nothing to recharge my body.

When I’m finally up, it’s like there is a spark that seemed to be missing inside me that usually gets me all excited and brimming with unbridled energy to face the day ahead. Instead, I feel a relative sense of physical weakness at the prospect of getting through the day.

Like, what gives? Is it because of the lack of exercise? Is it due to something lacking in my diet (for now, the only thing missing from my diet is meat and I’ve been sustaining only on veggies and seafood)? Must I start taking some vitamins now? Is it some change in hormones? Or could it just be due to the change in seasons that had affected even the change in the body?

Anyway tonight while surfing, I came across the following which I felt resonates with what I’ve been thinking about. It’s true isn’t it? Only when you don’t have it – and in my case, not feeling in the best condition as before – that one starts realizing how blessed we’ve been health-wise all this while.

“The best that you have to thank Allah (swt) day and night for, and we are not thinking about it, and we are not thanking, and those who did not get it, still have to thank Allah (swt), but for us who are the majority, we have to thank Him every moment, shukr, shukr, thank Him for the health that He gave to us!

If you cut your finger you feel pain, and you cannot take that pain so you take so many medicines to stop it. And Allah (swt) gave human beings health, there are so many that don’t have it. Go to hospital and look, see the difference between what Allah (swt) gave you and what He gave to them. O Muslims thank Allah!”
Shaykh Hisham Kabbani

That said, I still feel utter gratitude for my current state of health. For at least, I’m able to do numerous things and to do them very comfortably. Alhamdulillah. Those are huge blessings already.

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