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Not guaranteed a tomorrow

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It’s been a pretty packed past few days. I liked the fact that my days have been filled with engagements as that make time passes by quickly and also, make me feel that I have not wasted all the time God has given me. Just yesterday I was reading an article online where the author stated the following: “All of us are not guaranteed a tomorrow.” That made me strengthen my resolve to use the present to the best that I can and in a way that is pleasing to Him. I always believe that the time we have is a responsibility given to us by God in order that we use it in His way and to be the best that we can be. It is this belief that drives me to seek knowledge and explore new experiences in order to push the boundaries of the self and to be opened to the ways that God is using the self to help His creations.

Going back to the article I mentioned earlier, the author had actually written the article in the context of appreciating all the time you have with your loved ones and to be precise, her exact line was “All of us are not guaranteed a tomorrow with someone we love.” That line struck a chord in me.

As I lay on my bed in the dark before turning in last night, I felt an overwhelming sense of loneliness. I felt lonely staying alone in the apartment which is vastly different from the people-filled and bustling-with-activities family apartment back home. In those few moments before sleep engulfed me, I found that I missed the people back home tremendously and the words I had read – how not all of us are guaranteed a tomorrow with someone we love – weighed on my mind.

In light of that, I found myself putting things into perspective.

Sometimes we let our egos or worries get in the way and that make us hesitate to tell someone we love that we love them, or to show them that we do. But truly when we do that, and to do it despite the distance that separates, we’re essentially placing our lower selves at a pedestal over this harsh reality in life – that is, we are not guaranteed a tomorrow with anyone.

Also, life is really too short to bear grudges and to hold on to any anger, resentment or negative feelings you have for another. Perhaps in some situation, those feelings are warranted and one has every right to have those feelings. However looking at life from a macro perspective, one realizes that those incidents which ignited the negative feelings towards another could probably make up just a small portion of your entire lifetime. Unfortunately, we tend to focus on them to the detriment of the self and your relationship with others. If today is going to be the last day you have with someone, would you then prefer to spend quality time with those who matter or to invest your attention on matters and feelings that distract you from the former?

I say this as a reminder to myself foremost than to others: Be in the present and appreciate fully the present for that is the only time we’re all guaranteed with.

And also, to tell those whom I love that I love them dearly.

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