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Getting colder in Seoul

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Temperatures suddenly took a dip downwards last week.

For almost two weeks now, all my summer clothes have been sitting nicely in the wardrobe. Yesterday as I stared at all my summer clothes in the wardrobe (yes, one of the odd things I do in life is to open my wardrobe from time-to-time and just admire look at my clothes), I had the thought that I should probably pack them in a box and send them back to Singapore. If I intend to fly back home for the winter vacation, then it would be good to slowly start sending things back home from now.

My mom was sceptical when I kept mentioning about the cold whenever she texts or calls me for updates. This is because according to her, the information on the internet stated that the temperatures here are about 20 – 21°C whenever she googled for it so in her words “Aku tengok tak sejuk pun tapi kau sibuk cakap sejuk (I read that it’s not cold at all but you kept complaining that it is)”.

Everytime she does that, I will respond with a dramatic “Noooooo maaaaaa! Tidakkk… Sejukkkkk” before explaining to her how those temperatures stated online are just the average values for the whole of Seoul and does not reflect the exact temperature of localized areas. Since my campus and house are located in the mountains, the temperatures here are a few degree celsius lower than the one published online.

I was having a conversation with a friend while on the way home just now and we happened to be talking about the cold. The discussion centred around how it seemed like the lower temperatures came a bit earlier this year and based on the weather patterns the country is facing thus far (for example, the summer of 2016 was the warmest recorded in Seoul), there have been a lot of hearsay among the people here that the winter this time is going to be a lot colder than last year’s. Last year, Seoul experienced it coldest winter with temperatures dipping to a low of -18ºC (the Han River was reported to be frozen at some point!) so I’m thinking that if it’s going to be way colder this year, I need to think of an escape route back to warm, sunny Singapore as soon as I’m done with school.

Although I fret about the cold, I’m also quite happy to embrace it. This is because with the cold, that part of nature which thrives in this environment is now able to reveal its beauty. Just for a span of those few weeks, all of us get to witness that glory.

Also, I’m reminded of what one of my ustaz mentioned regarding the weather. The weather is God’s. He’s the owner and its determiner so no matter how cold it is, it’s His creation too. So yep, this is a reminder to myself foremost than others that despite being uncomfortable with the cold at times, I have not right to constantly be complaining about something which I did not even create in the first place.

Further, He has not created this cold for naught. There is a bigger reason for the creation of cold temperatures during specific times of the year beyond the comprehension of my small little mind.

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