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Disrupted sleep patterns

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It’s 3.15am at the time that I’m blogging this. I had actually turned in slightly before 12am however by 1.30am, I found myself awaken from sleep for no specific reason other than the fact that my body just decided that it has gotten enough sleep for now.

Since the time that I had awaken from sleep at 1.30am, I had cooked and eaten a bowl of instant noodles, watched one episode of a drama and read the whole text of the 1993 Oslo Accords. I’m wondering what else I need to do (besides blogging) in order to get myself sleepy again for I seriously need to get some sleep before attending a 9.30am class later.

I figured the reason why my sleep pattern’s gone off the mark these few days is because of the worry I have over school.

I have a graded presentation to give this Thursday and three sets of mid-term exams to study for which will take place next week. I’m allright with having exams to study for however one of the papers that I have to sit for – the economics paper – is one that is causing me to have the jitters. Till now, I’m still having problems answering the practice questions assigned so how am I ever going to be able to answer the exam paper next week?

These worries have impacted not only my sleep patterns but also obviously, the reason for the huge breakouts on my skin. As I’m typing this, the entire left side of my upper body from my shoulder to my waist as well as my left hand are seeing bumps as a result of hives. Yes, I tend to break out into hives whenever I get too stressed out from worries.

I probably should get a grip on myself and cut off these worries, though. They’re not helping me in any way.

So I should probably focus on the things and thoughts that make me happy. Like how the mid-term exam is actually an indication that half of the 15 weeks school semester have been completed and that means I only have approximate 7.5 weeks left before I get to go home, insyaAllah.

7.5 weeks. That’s slightly less than 2 months!

Think happy, positive thoughts. That’s what I should do then probably, all these hives will go away. And, I’ll be able to regain my normal sleep patterns too.

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