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Winter school or not?

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Thoughts related to this piece of paper have been lingering at the back of my mind for the past few days.


Tomorrow is the deadline for submitting this request to sign up for classes for the winter semester. Yet, I’m still undecided whether to do this or not.

Inside my mind, there exists now a file labelled “Why I should sign up for winter school vs Why I should fly back to Singapore for the winter vacation”. It’s a file I keep going to whenever I recall that the deadline is approaching and I’ve yet to make a decision. For now, the arguments for each of the options look something like this.

Why I should sign up for winter school
I get to clear one more course as the requirement for graduation.
It costs way cheaper than a flight back home.
I solve the worry about lacking something beneficial to do for the next few months.

Why I should fly back to Singapore for the winter vacation
I have been missing some people back home so badly and I’d want to be with them again.

Looking at the list, it seems like I have more incentive to continue staying in Seoul. Additionally when I considered how the desire to be with the people back home is a one-sided affair on my part for I am fully aware that it’s not as if there is anyone who has been missing me and wanting to spend time with me, those are moments when I felt motivated to go ahead with the request to continue with the winter semester.

One more day to decide whether I should submit this request.

And then there is another alternative: Not going for winter school nor fly back to Singapore but to spend the 3 months of winter vacation exploring the whole of Korea!

All these decisions to make. Sigh.

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