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Life since October 2017 update

It has been six months since I last blogged. Over the months, I’ve wanted to blog on many occasions but my resolve is always broken by other things which demands my attention.

So since the whole house is already asleep except for me (I’m unable to sleep tonight and am blogging this at 2.08am), I felt that now would be an apt time to pen my thoughts down somewhere.

Here’s a list of the events that have marked my 6 months:

  1. Sat for the final exams of my MA life
  2. Went for thesis defense and passed it
  3. Finally sent my thesis for binding and submitted it after weeks and months of working on it
  4. Flew back and forth from Seoul to Singapore a few times to settle the last few things needed before officially completing my MA life and closing the chapter to Seoul
  5. Basked in about 1 week of happiness and gratitude travelling in Jeju with R and my youngest brother.
  6. Officially graduated from uni and attained the MA on 26 Feb
  7. Packed all my belongings in the Seoul apartment, gave away stuff and officially flew back to Singapore on 27 Feb.
  8. Started full time work yet again on 2 Jan after 2 years of no-pay leave. Since work started before I officially graduated from school, that explains the need to fly back and forth a few times from Singapore to Seoul.
  9. R and I collected the keys to our first apartment together on 10 Jan (I remembered this date as it’s my youngest brother’s birthday!)
  10. R and I have been spending the last few months scouting for an interior designer or contractor. I acknowledge that I do get wistful when I see IG updates from others who got the keys later than us and already had their houses done within 3 – 4 months.
  11. Planning and settling all that needs to be done for 7 July.

It has been an intensive 6 months. Some days, I managed to squeeze in only 3 hours of sleep.

Hence when I got to stay at home for the past 2 days, I found that to be such a deviation from the norm that I found it odd!

At this point, I just feel so unsettled inside. With everything that has happened, is happening AND going to happen, I think that it is inevitable I’m feeling this way.

Regardless of the tsunami of activities that is occurring, I still find myself craving to have a quiet moment with Allah deep down inside. Just me and Him.

I feel that this is a connection that I have not been successful in ensuring its strength and stability in these past few months.

Hence Ramadan really comes at an opportune time. It’s currently Ramadan as I’m writing this. Unlike the previous Ramadans, this is the first time that I’m realizing how blessed it is to be able to perform your ibadah in this month.

I pray that Allah keeps me in a state of purity for the remainder of this month so that I’m able to taste the sweetness of ibadah and connection with Him. Amin.