Rays of Splendour



It took me a while (years actually!) to do an ‘About Me’ page but as they say, better late than never.

As a person, I can be described as the following: Wanderlust. Idealist. Traveller. Yoga-enthusiast. Knowledge-seeker. Muslim. Asian. Daughter. Sister. Educator.

By and large (yes, I do falter as you can see from some of my blog entries), I seek to view and inculcate positivism, gratitude, as well as a love for God in the way I give of myself and how I embrace Life – the least I could do in appreciation for the opportunity to be alive in the first place and the multitude of blessings at every single breathing moment that He, in all His Glory, has given me.

This blog basically chronicles the snapshots of the people, events and growth that occur throughout my life as it unfolds. Sometimes, it conveys the thoughts, beauty, diversity and aspects that struck me as I go through life. I believe in the virtue of keeping a journal so hopefully one day (and if the blog prevails till then) many years from now when I read these entries again, it would be a moment which will bring countless fond memories to me.

Presently, I’m based in Seoul, South Korea.

However I find myself pining for my homeland – Singapore – every single day that I’m here and the sight of a plane flying in the skies above never fails to induce the thought that soon, I’ll be onboard one and making my way back home insyaAllah. Yes I’m a traveller but my roots are firmly planted in Singapore where my family and friends whom my heart beats for, live.

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