Rays of Splendour

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It’s March!

March is my birthday month and this year, I gifted myself with an iPod when the 7th of March rolled along. I wondered why I haven’t gifted myself in my past birthdays? The feeling of gifting myself is self-gratifying!

This month is also one when the desire to perform the umrah was planted. The thought of stepping foot into Mecca and then praying in front of the kaabah sends goosebumps down the neck. It’s not one of those fear-induced goosebumps but rather, one which occur when you are so struck by something.

Lastly, I am wondering whether to go down the path of marriage should it present itself? I have been having moments lately whereby I (re)assess this whole notion of marriage. After stripping away any wishy-washy thoughts in order to get down to the core of the matter (I hope!), I came to the conclusion that I believe in the institution of marriage afterall and would take the leap of faith towards marriage should God plan such a path for me in future.

It’s weird how turning 29 brought along with it this tsunami of change to the psyche. Do all newly-turned 29ers experience this metamorphosis of the psyche too?

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Parking Space Theory of Life

Lately, the dual power combo of nursing by body back to health and fulfilling work responsibilities seem to consume so much of my time that I seemed to have forgotten the following.

“Do what you love; do what matters to you. It might be finance, but maybe it’s something else. Don’t settle for Plan B, the safe plan, until you have tried Plan A, even if it may require a miracle. I call it the Parking Space Theory of Life. Don’t park 10 blocks away from your destination because you think you won’t find a closer space. Go to where you want to be. You can always circle back to where you have to be.”

2012 Baccalaureate Service
“The Updraft of Inexplicable   Luck”

Thank you for bringing me to the speech, God.

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That which drives me in life

Sometimes, I find that there are just so many things in life that I want to do and achieve. And then I’ll wonder whether I’ll be able to tick off all the items I’ve planned for myself on the (bucket) list.

There’s there bit about going on a round-the-world trip at least once in my life; about studying and living overseas for a period of time; about service to a community; about investing somewhere; about seeing the Aurora… etc. There are a lot more where that came from!

It seems like I live my days looking forward to being able to do and achieve all the things I’ve planned out in my head. It’s like these things are the ones which enable me to wake up every morning and embrace Life head on.

Is it normal to be like this?